• Cleaning of flux residues

  • Special applications

  • Selective soldering

  • Cable assembling/Wire soldering

  • Manual assembling

  • Wave soldering: foam fluxing

  • Wave soldering: spray fluxing
Water- and alcohol-based flux
Flux for cable assembling
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Alcohol and water based flux


No clean, alcohol and water based flux, di-carboxylic acids,
resin free, halogen-free (WEEE/RoHS conformant)
Type // ORL0 acc. ISO 9454 // DIN EN 61 190-1-1


Standard packaging units liter_20 20 L

Appearance:colorless, clear
Solids content:3.5 wt%
Density 20 °C:0.9 - 1.0 g/cm³
Acid number:28 - 32 mg KOH/g
Activators/resin:di-carboxylic acids
Solvents:short-chain alcohols and water
Flash point:12 °C
Durability:12 months

The SD-35 is a halogen-free soldering flux with a reduced alcohol component. It has been developed for selective and wave soldering processes. It has a solids content of 3.5% and is characterized by excellent soldering properties. The chosen combination of alcohol and water makes it possible to optimally exploit the advantages of both solvents. The evaporation behaviour of SD-35 is considerably better than with water-based fluxes. Therefore it is also suitable for manual and dip soldering and thereby fulfills all the requirements of a multiflux.

In practice it has been shown that with the correct application, the washing of printed circuit boards soldered with this flux can be largely dispensed with.

The surfaces of the soldered printed circuit boards are very clean after the soldering process.

Application (recommended):
Multiflux: Wave soldering (spray fluxing), selective soldering, manual- and repair soldering, dip soldering

Customer added value:

  • Wide range of applications (multiflux)
  • Very good soldering properties (capillarity, wetting)
  • Broad process window (high thermal stability, good activity over a long interval)
  • Very good residue behaviour (optically very clean, high SIR)

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