• Cleaning of flux residues

  • Special applications

  • Selective soldering

  • Cable assembling/Wire soldering

  • Manual assembling

  • Wave soldering: foam fluxing

  • Wave soldering: spray fluxing
Water- and alcohol-based flux
Flux for cable assembling
Cleaning agents
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Alcohol based flux


No clean, alcohol-based flux, high resin content, di-carboxylic
acids, halogen-free (WEEE/RoHS conformant)
Type // ROL0 acc. ISO 9454 // DIN EN 61 190-1-1


Standard packaging units liter_20 20 L   

Appearance:yellowish to brownish
Solids content:5.8 wt%
Density 20 °C:0.8 (+/- 0.005) g/cm³
Acid number:25 - 28 mg KOH/g
Activators/resin:di-carboxylic acids, resins
Solvents:short-chain alcohols
Flash point:12 °C
Durability:12 months
The soldering flux, HR/D-110, is a proven manual and dip soldering flux which also achieves very good results in special applications such as hot bar reflow soldering. It can be used for all common applications. Due to a higher proportion of solids with a relatively high resin content, it creates soldering-related reliability.
Application (recommended):
Multiflux: Wave soldering (spray fluxing), selective soldering, manual- and repair soldering, dip soldering

Customer added value:

  • Very wide range of applications (multiflux)
  • Very good soldering properties (capillarity, wetting)
  • Broad process window (very high thermal stability, very high activity over a long interval)
  • Very good residue behaviour (very clean, high SIR)
  • Successful passing of internal test (SIR selective)

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