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Cleaning agents
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Cleaning agents

Etimol DFX 80 CA

Etimol DFX 80 CA


 5 L / 20 L plastic can
Appearance/Consistancy:Colorless to slightly yellow, clear
Application:1 part concentrate + 4-5 parts DI-Water
Density at 20 °C:0,967 +/- 0,005 g/cm³
Boiling point/boiling range:>100°C
System:Waterbased (ready-mixed)
Flash point:None (ready-mixed)
Operations temperature:50°C-65°C
Reliable cleaning results with:Flux residues
Shelf life:36 month
Storage conditions:Ideal in original packaging at 10°C-25°C
Field of Application:
Maintenance cleaning of soldering pallets, condensate traps and soldering equipment machine parts
Application notes:
The waterbased, alkaline cleaning concentrate in mixed 1 part concentrate : 4-5 parts DI-Water to remove bakend flux residues from PCBA. Usually use is within spray-in-air and ultrasonic cleaning equipment at temperatures inbetween 55-65°C.

Consider approvals of equipment manufacturer!

Customer benefits:
Defluxing concentrate for PCBA; low odor; eliminates corrosive and flammable chemicals.

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